America is not the only land of fast food. Who looks for the essence of the American kitchen, sees that it is a combination of tradition and innovation. Recipes which immigrants with courage have embraced and adapted. That is the cuisine you can expect in B & B 7de Hemel.


Guests are served a three-course breakfast. Why? Because we have never forgotten the breakfasts of our b & b-host in Sequim, in Washington State. Think of food such as melon soup with mint, scrambled eggs with salsa or grapefruit and blueberry muffins with maple syrup, spicy sausages and bread pudding with raspberries.

Theo and Loes: “What a treat!”
Guests Mieke and Wim: “We enjoyed your culinary surprises.”



Nearby are several excellent restaurants, like Hotel Jans in Rijs, De Koebrug in Stavoren or De Potvis in Stavoren. But perhaps you do not always wish to go out in the evening. In the weekend we serve on request a three course dinner and coffee for after at a fixed price. Maximum one time per weekend. You can inform us if you have any allergies and foods that you dislike, and we will take them into account when compiling the menu that evening. Some of the favorite dishes of the house are large shrimp with bacon, cod with a pecan crust and beef strips with Seelbach steak sauce. On weekdays we serve on request a one pot meal like boeuf en daube or spaghetti with clams. Ask for the possibilities.